The Youth Advisory Council (YAC), established in 2008 and restructured in 2014, is comprised of an Executive Board and all youth ministry leaders of our church. The purpose of the council is to create and execute a comprehensive program in relation to the mission of the church, for youth of all ages and to serve as a support system for all respective youth ministries of the church. The council also serves as the liaison between The Gethsemane Youth Department and our church. The Youth Advisory Council makes a recommendation for the Youth of the Year Award and creates a summer trip annually for all youth to attend. The youth ministries of the church include:
Children’s Church Ministry

Cub Scouts

Daughters of the Most High Ministry

Jr. Brotherhood Ministry

Jr. Usher Board Ministry

Movements of Praise Dance Ministry

Silent Blessings Mime Ministry

Teen Spirit Outreach Ministry

Youth and Young Adult Choir

Youth Missionary

To get your child involved, find out how parents can be involved, or to find out more information about a specific ministry please email

Youth Director: Sister Bristal C. Adams
Assistant Youth Director: Sister Erica Gant